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Back in 2001-2002, there was a short lived, online magazine called nineplanetsmag.  I remember enjoying reading the likes of Rick Chandler, A.J. Daulerio , Adam Finley, Eric Gillin, Curt Grumble, Daniel Kline, Will Leitch, Eric Mack,  and Lindsay Robertson.  It was made for the reader who enjoyed personal and enlightening content.  Part journalistic, part pure opinion, but in whole, it was a thoroughly enjoyable place to read something…real.

Then one day, the site was gone.

These many years later, I found the url nineplanetsmag.com available, and decided that I wanted a chance to rekindle and resurrect the form of that old site into something of the same nature, but with much more emphasis on the long form. Content. Real Content. Not 500 words max content, but stories, essays and columns written by people who are not facing a timeline.

When will we go live? Good Question. The best answer I have right now is…


If you’re interested in submitting your writing to 9PLANETSMAG, please visit our “submissions” page.  (no duh)